Wall Paint Colors: Jenni's House

Many of you have asked about paint colors for rooms in my house.  This is my attempt to answer those questions.  It may not be exact (I am using a Sherwin Williams fan deck to find matches) but hopefully this will be helpful.

For those of  you living in the Northwest, I buy my paint at Miller Paint, so when I have a Miller paint color name I will list it (though for many of the colors I used paint chips from other stores that I had them mix up--which, of course, I mostly no longer have!). From here on out I will use Sherwin Williams Paint chips, but will continue to use Miller Paint.  That way, you can at least locate the paint chip and get similar results, should you choose to use it in your home.  Also, I am adding the paint color squares from the Sherwin Williams website, but I am not sure how helpful that will be, because they don't look the same on my screen as on the actual chip--your screen may also vary.  Where I have listed two very close colors, they appear much closer in person than on these swatches (though it is a clear representation of how much variation I get in different areas of my home with the same paint merely due to lighting variation!), but here they are for what it's worth!

The paint in most of the house, including: Kitchen, Family Room, Entry, Upstairs Hall, Girls' Bathroom (not yet remodeled), Signe's Room. I love its sometimes white, sometimes taupe, sometimes gray chameleon nature.  

SW 6182                                                             SW 7049

Originally a home depot white sample (possibly Glidden's N. B. C White 30GY 76/017) Closest match for Sherwin Williams is SW 6182 - "Ethereal".  Close second is SW 7049 - "Nuance". Painted in Miller Paint, Satin finish (# on the can: 09OR0092).

Laundry Room, Powder Bath, Master Bedroom/Bathroom.  Sort of gray, sort of blue--all lovely! And yes, these two pictures are of the same paint color!  The laundry room did have a florescent light in it at the time, which, I think, makes everything bluer.  Just an example of how lighting changes colors.  


Original source forgotten (probably Home Depot--maybe the Valspar Seaside Retreat collection) Closest Sherwin Williams match is SW 6245 - "Quicksilver".  Painted with Miller Acropure Paint (Zero VOC) in eggshell (on can: 178-54  05KO848).  

Hannah's Room (before it became the guest room--actually it's not the guest room yet.  It is still acting as my sewing room.  But it is on its way to becoming the guest room.) And these appear more turquoise in person--with "Glimmer" being slightly more green.  

SW 6490                                                           SW 6476  

Miller Paint color is Mellow Blue 0468W, painted in eggshell.  Sherwin Williams closest match is SW 6490 - "Timid Blue".  Second closest match is SW 6476 - "Glimmer".  

I hope that was helpful.  In the future I will be easier since I will match straight to a Sherwin Williams paint chip.  

Happy Painting!

**I am going to post this and other source info posts in the FAQs page**

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