Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making Things Up As I Go

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Usually when I start a project I take time to plan it all out.  I often sketch rough drawings to get a clearer idea of what I am trying to achieve.  But sometimes, I simply get an idea in my head and I go at it with only a vision and a lot of enthusiasm.  Occasionally things go awry--but my dahlia pillow was the result of a mistake I made and I loved how that turned out, so I don't usually worry too much, unless my materials are expensive and I don't want to screw them up.  Generally speaking though, things work out.

For instance, right before Christmas I got the idea to make some white ruffled placemats. Simple enough I figured, so I just started cutting and sewing with a vague idea in my head and modified it as I went along.  A short time later I had four cute ruffled placemats:

I took them to the shop to set up a table under the snowflake mobile I made.  And that would have been that, except. . .

A day or two later one of the shop girls called to tell me that a woman wanted to buy them, but she wondered if I could make four more because she needed eight.  Of course I said yes--then I scrambled to remember the dimensions and how long I had cut the ruffle strips and how far from the edge had I sewn them anyway?  It is a good thing I had made four, because having done it four times I remembered most everything, and luckily the one thing I couldn't remember (the ruffle width and length) I had cut an extra one the first time, so it was still sitting there in my workroom.  I'd show you, but of course I rushed them right over and didn't take a picture.

You would think this would be a lesson in writing things down--but as I type this, I realize I STILL didn't write down the instructions and sizes.  Well actually, I did scratch down the dimensions from memory before I made the second set, but who the heck knows where I put THAT piece of paper.

So the moral of this story?  Write down what I did--and put it in a safe place where I will find it again.  It will really make my life easier.


Vicki said...

So, so true! I work mostly with paper but sometimes if I don't take a picture mid-way of a collage or wreath, I can't make it the same the next time! Such great advice.

Megan is Chuck. Chuck is Megan. said...

I am still in love with those pillows... well, pretty much everything you've made. Seems your business is doing fabulous. Way to go.

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

That's totally something I would do. You're lucky you're so talented though and could figure it out! Sewing has NOT been my thing, though I continue to try. Love your display at the shop - so wintry, yet warm!

Robin Johnson said...

LOL That is so funny. I am always doing the same thing. I need to get myself a little notebook or something!

lucy said...

after losing my weeks menu and grocery list last week I designated a tablet just for me and just to keep in the kitchen!!

Robin said...

I just found you from Urban Farm Girl! Love your gorgeous blog-home!
I've been going through and it's full of ideas and great projects!

I'd be so happy if you linked some inspiration to my blog party on Wednesdays. It would add so much to my new linky, All Things Inspired!
All Things Heart and Home

Robin said...

Oh ...I'm a new follower and I so understand forgetting to write things down. I scribble measurements on the craft paper covering my project-table then I throw out the paper!!!

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