Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Basket Case. . .

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
(Country Living)

Last month while on my birthday shopping trip I ran across the cutest ceramic berry bowls at Anthropologie.  I didn't let myself buy any home accessories that day because I had decided my birthday shopping spree was going to be about clothes.  Then a few weeks later I was flipping through a back issue of Country Living and saw them featured in there. . . which made me wish I had bought them.  I don't remember what they were priced at, but I tried looking them up online only to find they weren't available online.

(Jayson Home & Garden)

So I went surfing around the web and found them at Jayson Home & Garden.  But they weren't cheap--small: $20, medium: $32, large: $38.  I was tempted, but since I had treated the entire month of March like my birthday and spent accordingly, I couldn't do it.

THEN, I came across this ceramic berry basket at Sur la Table.  They only have one style (though you can get it in white or red), BUT it is only $6.95.  Yep, six dollars and ninety-five cents.  So I bought three.  And now I wished I had bought more.  I can't wait for my berries to come on.  I have a strawberry patch and three blue berry bushes that will put these baskets to good use this summer.  For now, I have to resort to buying a few berries, just to hurry the season along.

Forget spring, I have summer on my mind. . . and it's looking pretty sweet!


elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been wanting a ceramic berry basket! I love my ceramic egg crates that I've also seen in Country Living...found mine at Ross for $2.50...SCORE!

Megan is Chuck. Chuck is Megan. said...

I think these super cute. I love them actually.

All That Jazz said...

Those are darling! Good score, and it pays to hunt around sometimes!
Those berries look scrumptious. I love to eat fresh strawberries and drink chocolate milk. It's a yummy snack!

Claudia said...

Love your blog! Thank you for sharing. They are cute to serve for brunch!

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