Monday, April 11, 2011

Family, Sun & Shopping

Monday, April 11, 2011
I'm back!  

After a whopping ten days in Idaho visiting family for an extended spring break, I am home and getting busy.  I can't remember the last time I was away from home for such a long time.  Plus, I hardly even touched a computer!  I was too busy with my family AND Rob's (I have seven siblings all within 40 minutes of my parents, and Rob's parents and brother live nearby too). But the girls got their fill of their cousins and I got to see all my siblings, tried out a new cafe in my home town opened by a girl I went to high school with, and did some serious home shopping!  It may not have been warm, but since it wasn't Washington, it was mostly sunny.  I'll take it.  But seriously, the warm weather could arrive any day now. Please.  

I am getting excited about decorating more rooms (and yes, finishing rooms I have already started--focus is not my strong suit!).  Because after six months of walking in the front door to an empty living room, the end is in sight!  You'd think living a stone's throw from Portland, I wouldn't have to go to Idaho to shop.  But since Rob's father works for a furniture store, we often buy things there--and I bought a couch, a coffee table, a sofa table, and a hutch--and a few other small items, like this bird cage. . .

 I, of course, didn't remember to take pictures of anything else since I was so excited to be actually agreeing with my husband on a couch, but let me just whet your appetite by saying the sofa resembles a sofa from Pottery Barn and one from Restoration Hardware that I have been eyeing, the two tables are made from reclaimed factory floor wood and iron, and the the hutch is a lovely handmade thing in worn shades of blue and wood.


We are bringing them back with us in two weeks when we return to Idaho for a family event.  But the fun didn't stop there!  A few minutes from my in-laws house there is this FABulous home decor shop, Nest {The Home Store}, that I run to every time I visit Idaho.  LOVE that store.  This time I drooled over plenty--and snapped (grainy) cell phone pictures of a few things.  I wish I had captured more, but I was too busy drooling.

She had four of these big floor mirrors.  Getting them home could be tricky, but I wanted one--and the table behind me too (you can't really see it, but it is made of reclaimed wood and it is lovely).

Two of the mirrors were flanking this lovely bed:

If this set of four metal patio chairs is still there when I go back, they might come home with me. . . along with half her garden section.

(Sorry for the glare--that would be sunshine, something I don't get nearly enough of lately!)

I didn't manage to resist buying a set of these gauzy curtain panels.  I ordered four panels of the robin egg blue striped curtain for my living room.  If I am not careful my house will have blue in every room!

These pictures only hint at the loveliness I brought home, or will bring home.  More on that in a couple weeks.

Now, I am off to ship orders and work on a few more projects so I can update you as promised!


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