Friday, September 17, 2010

The Best Things. . .

Friday, September 17, 2010

. . . come to those who wait.  (But once you see it coming, jump quick or you'll miss it!)

It may also be true that the best things in life aren't free. . . but some really great stuff is!

And Craig will tell you how to find it.  On a nearly nightly basis I take a quick gander at what there is to be had on craigslist, and my first stop is the "free stuff" section.  Now, you might be thinking one of two things--

If it's free, there's a reason.


If it's free it will be gone before I get there.

And you will most likely be right on both counts.

But sometimes that reason is merely that someone doesn't want to be bothered with trying to sell it, or they are in a hurry to get rid of it (due to a move or something). . . or they don't realize their junk is REALLY a fabulous treasure!

Usually I look at the location and figure it has been posted too long to still be there or is too far from my house.  Often the poster doesn't want to be bothered and won't respond to emails asking if it is still there.

But one night I hoped on around 8:30 to see a free post with a couch, a chair, two desks, a dresser, and a nightstand.  I liked three things she was offering, it was ten minutes from my house (or less) and it had been posted 30 minutes before I looked at it.  It was an "it's on the porch, come get it" sort of post.

So I did.

Only, by the time I got there the only things left were the two desks--luckily one was super cute.  It went home with me, of course.

And while she may have needed a little help, it was just the kind of help I was willing and able to give.

A little paint and a couple new screws later. . .

And she was perfect.

Sometimes great stuff really is free. . . plus a mad scramble, a little paint and some elbow grease!

The only issue here (which may not actually be such a bad thing) is that once I realized how cheap (or free) you could find things, it's become a challenge to see how little I have to pay for something.  And it makes it easier to splurge when I find something I REALLY have to have, but isn't cheap.  I consider that balance.


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