Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chalk It Up to High Expectations

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I tend to expect a lot out of my decor, or my functional pieces for that matter.  Either way, I want functional items to look good and beautiful items to have a useful function as well.  Add to that my compulsive need to make lists and it's a short jaunt to. . . the lovely framed chalkboards we have been creating recently.

I picked up some fun frames here and there on the cheap, because everybody loves a great frame.  Really, they have so many uses.  I like to hang them around things like the wreath in my daughter's room (also available in our Estsy shop).

Or layer them on my mantel.

Not to mention actually putting pictures in them.

But as I stared at the huge wooden frame I picked up at the Good Will for a song, it suddenly spoke to me. . .

"Make me a chalkboard!" is what it was saying. So I, of course, complied, after we painted it white, naturally.  But a beautiful frame and a useful chalkboard, while a great combination, could only be bettered by the addition of ONE more function. . . so we made it magnetic.  Then I forgot to take a good picture of it before we sold it at the market--so I snapped a quick one before the new owner hauled it off.

That large chalkboard garnered so much interest, we quickly set to work making more.  And since several people expressed interest in a smaller version, we made several smaller sizes.

This lovely little gilt frame became so much more attractive in its second life:

I particularly like the added trim of blue on this double framed chalkboard.

And in case you need to leave tickets or schedules or any number of things along with your message on the board,  do so in style with one of our felt flower magnetic clips (coming soon to the shop).

I can just picture these lovelies guiding the way at a party, listing the menu at brunch, welcoming guests, or, as is the case with at least two chalkboards in my house, filled with to do lists.

Now that is my idea of marrying lovely form and useful function.


Megan is Chuck. Chuck is Megan. said...

I love them all. You have a gift.

Brandi said...

You are a very creative lady!

Is your Etsy shop open? I am unable to find the link.

Jenni said...

Brandi - the link to our etsy shop is in the sidebar. Thanks!

JoLynn said...

Just found you and am loving your site! Love those chalkboards...wish I lived closer to come and take a look at your shop! :) I have an empty frame that I got from an antique market and wanted to make it into a chalkboard, but was wondering what you used to do so? Plywood? Thanks for your advice!

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