Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tuesday, September 7, 2010
 For years I have enjoyed decorating my home and helping others when they sought me out. But when I started getting the urge to buy and make things I didn't really have room for, I decided it was time to share all the things I love with you.  But as a the sixth child in a family of eight I have a tendency to rope others into my project because two heads are better than one--and having company is always more fun.

As my cohort and partner, Lisa has accompanied me on decor related missions and shares a love of all things white, vintage and fresh.  Together we wish to share with you the things we love in hopes that you will find something to take home as a representation of your own personal aesthetic.

After a month or so of hard work (that was actually quite fun), our little business had its first debut last Saturday.

 In the end, not everything was finished, so our collection was not large, but I have to say we were both very pleased by the positive response.  My favorite was made by a woman who walked into our little booth, smiled and stated: "Oh, I could live in here!"

"Please do!" was our response.  "Or better yet, take it home to live with you."

And that is what we hope you'll do.

Either way, we are enjoying ourselves finding, making, and making over things we love.

Feel free to visit our booth for the remaining Saturdays in September at the Battle Ground Village Outdoor Market.  Or visit our etsy shop.


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