Friday, October 8, 2010

Catch 22. . .

Friday, October 8, 2010
It is always good advice to find a job doing something you love.  My dilemma was/is always narrowing it down to one thing.  I am still dealing with the desire to be a writer/photographer/decorator/shop owner/party planner/bakery owner///. . .  you get the idea.  In the same vein of thought, with regards to our shop, I think it is important to always sell things that we love.  I love that while working on items for the shop, Lisa will occasionally burst out with, "I love this.  I would totally buy this for my house!"

That's sort of the point, of course.  We choose/create things to sell, BECAUSE we love them.

It does, however, create a minor issue.  I often want to keep things meant for the shop.  In fact, a few things I bought before setting up shop, with intentions of making over for my house, have made their way into the sale pile.  For instance, I bought an ugly little stool for my daughter's room.  It had medium brown wooden legs and a hideous brown print vinyl cover with a pleated ruffle trim--also out of the ugly brown print vinyl.  It was, in fact, so ugly my husband thought it would be funny to spray paint the word "poop" on the top of it. . . BEFORE I took a before picture.

This is where I would normally show you a before picture.  I LOVE before and afters, don't you?  But that picture is one of the many lost on my crashed hard drive, so you can't really appreciate the transformation this little stool has undergone.  So without further ado, the after:

I wanted something simple and clean, yet girly and fresh. . . and different.

Can I just say mission accomplished?! Now the only dilemma is I want to keep it.  I can almost justify it by reminding Lisa that I did originally purchase it for Hannah's room.  Or at least I can try. . . which I did.

 (That Windsor chair? Another thing I am having trouble deciding to part with. . .and that pillow. . .? It's unhealthy really.)

That is where having a partner comes in handy.  We keep each other on track.  Otherwise the two of us might just have a house full of really cute stuff and a shop full of. . . nothing (not to mention our wallets!).

But for now, this little number is my favorite. . . until something else I almost can't resist comes along.


Anonymous said...

You are right, it IS adorable. I would have trouble parting with it also.

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