Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ADD Life of a Pillow Maker. . .

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Before we started this business, I had what I like to call my rotating obsessions. . . reading, writing, photography, baking, gardening, crafting, decorating, sewing. . . aaaannnd repeat.  When I was into one I was ALL in.  Hence the term "obsession." But then I would get bored and move on to the next one.  I was not the best mutlitasker.

I often hear you should try to do something you love so your job doesn't feel like a job.  This is true. . . unless you have hobby ADD like I do!  Now I can't get bored and move on to my next interest.

But somehow I still manage to be ADD in my job.  It just took on a new form.  That is part of the reason we don't make one thing.  In fact, we almost never make the same thing twice! Which is why making a gazillion Christmas ornaments is taxing my patience.  I love them, but I can't sit and finish 24 of one item. I rotate.

I rotate EVERYTHING, in fact: Paint furniture, make pillows, craft ornaments, sew an apron, make a wreath. . .aaannnd repeat!

This ADD in crafting leads to a lot of one of kind pieces, because even though I love it, and it may sell the day I put it in the shop, do I go make three, four, a dozen more? No.  I find something else that looks fun to make.

Hence the plethora of unique one-of-a-kind pillows that have rotated through our booth/etsy store/ bazaar.

{Muslin pillow back, Muslin pillow front with gathered swirl, White felt flowers on cream cotton}

I like pillows.

{White and cream felt flowers on white cotton}

They are quick from conception to completion and I love instant gratification.

{Black painted Virginia Woolf silhouette with box pleat ruffle, Jane Austen painted silhouette with gathered border, white flannel rosettes on white flannel}

Plus, they are like little statement pieces in a room.

{White felt flowers with green felt leaves on cream cotton--top: box pleat white cotton ruffle; Bottom: white cotton piping}

And when you get bored with that statement, which you can bet I will, you can change it with little time or expense.

{Ruffled cream muslin}

It might be a crazy way to run a business, but luckily I have Lisa to keep me on track.  And it works for me.

{Gray felt dahlia flower on white cotton with gathered border, white felt flowers on white dot cotton fabric, bead embellished embroidered snowflakes on gray and white felt with gathered white cotton borders, gray painted bird on branch silhouetted on white cotton with gray piping}



Richella Parham said...

Your pillows are beautiful--every one of them! You may have hobby ADD, but it's clear that you're able to focus on a project long enough to do an excellent job. Gorgeous!

Sanditerese said...

I LOVE all your pillows. You've inspired me to make my own now!

Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors said...

I hear you! This is why I've started my Christmas decorating already. I need change! I love your pillows though. I'm totally inspired by the felt ones. Hmm, already planning the new years decorating now...

Jennifer Leigh said...

They're all so beautiful! I really like the felt flowers.

Kristin said...

Very pretty! Im glad I found your blog, I'll be following!

Maggie said...

STUNNING. I absolutely love the gray felt dahlia flower pillow. (Well, I love them all, but I really love that one). Nothing wrong with a little craft ADD, just means you're well rounded :)

Megan is Chuck. Chuck is Megan. said...

I shall add my sentiments to each above me... Your pillows are gorgeous. I really liked the gray/ruffled but I also like the white one with white/cream flowers. You have a talent, my friend.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

What a glorious collection of pillows! I too have hobby ADD and struggle with the production of many of the same thing over and over. Lucky for you this rotation does not keep you from being EXCELLENT and what you do.

Shannon said...

you really are super talented!

Kama said...

Want to know something funny?! I JUST RAN INTO YOUR SPOT at Camas Antiques yesterday! Hands down my favorite corner of the entire store! I absolutely fell in love with your pillows. I was just cruising the internet today and found your blog by accident...I am so happy I did because I just LOVE all of your stuff!!

Lee Ann said...

Hey Jenni,

I was talking to Shannon the other day about an old dresser I'm looking for. She said I need to talk to you and directed me to this blog - that I didn't know you were doing. What amazing things and talent you have!!!!!

I'm looking for an old dresser that's painted. Problem is, everything is painted these nice subtle colors and white :) My house is not the house of white. It's the house of color and I need an ORANGE dresser. Do you think you could paint something orange? Too crazy for you? Just kidding. Email me when you get a chance - or stop by if you're over at Shannon's.

Lee Ann (Shannon's neighbor - but not for long:(
l deroos @ gmail

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