Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Bazaar

Friday, November 5, 2010
This year is flying by, and trying to prepare for seasons and holidays BEFORE they actually arrive has Lisa and me working overtime.  For the last week or so we have been crafty ladies making Christmas items for a local Christmas Bazaar and the booth.  We set up at the bazaar today, which starts tomorrow, and next week we are filling our booth in preparation for the holiday kick off on the 12th at Camas Antiques.  Here is a little preview of some of our Christmas Collection.

Lisa worked so hard embroidering snowflakes that I sewed into pillows:

We sort of have two themes going here.  The blue and white and silver/gray. . .

German Glass Glitter Snowflakes

White metal stars embellished with metallic papers in bronze, silver, and blue and dusted with glass glitter.

Gift tags 

The second collection is more vintage inspired and is mainly in shades of cream and black and beige with a few accents in red:

I LOVE how the music sheet balls turned out. . .

And Lisa worked hard making sheet music snowflakes that we dusted with glass glitter:

We also made sheet music gift tags and vintage looking tags with stamps that said "Celebrate the Season," "Merry Christmas, " and "Joy to You." Along with the sheet music wreath you can see in that first picture of this collection.

I have to say, despite my love of white and pale turquoise, I LOVE the sheet music collection.  And since my own Christmas decor is all white and silver in the family room and red and white in the living room, I think I can work some in.  The only red accent we currently have at the bazaar is the apron in the background which I didn't take a good picture of.  I will be making another one and will be sure to take a picture, because it was darling.   

Now back to work! Next week we have to fill our booth for the Camas Antique Holiday kick off.

If you are local, stop by the bazaar (Put on by Vance Family Soy Candles) all Fridays in November and the first three Fridays and Saturdays in December:

Hand Made in Vancouver, U.S.A.
Seasonal Bazaar

11514 NE 65th Ave.
Vancouver, WA  98686


Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors said...

Good luck with your bazaar! I wish I could come by to visit. I really love your version of the sheet music wreath.

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Those pillows are gorgeous! Love them! Thanks for stopping by

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