Monday, November 29, 2010

Why, Thank You. . .

Monday, November 29, 2010

As a blogger, no matter what you blog about, there is nothing sweeter than getting positive feedback.  And so you can bet we were thrilled to receive the "Stylish Blogger" award from a new follower.  Thanks Courtenay! Her blog, Signal Hill Interiors, was likewise awarded--with good reason.  So to thank her and play along, we must do the following:

1) Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. 

2) Share 7 things about yourself. 

3) Pay it forward to 5 recently discovered new bloggers. 

4) Tell those bloggers about the award you're giving them.

Since there are two of us we will each tell 7 things and introduce 3 blogs. . .


1) I am a lover of neatness and organization. . . but I live in chaos and constant motion.

2)  I am addicted to diet Mountain Dew.

3) I am a mother of two girls, whom I adore, but part of me wants to be Norah Walker off Brothers and Sisters--mother hen to a large family that stays close and comes home often.  

4) I dream of living in a historic home with a name, on acreage so I can live the simple life (which is never simple) gardening, writing, creating and enjoying my family.

5) I am a hobby-aholic: writing, photography, cooking, gardening, decorating, sewing, reading. . . My current occupation was actually not on my top 3 "turn into a career" hobby's, but here we are! And I love it!

6) I have a degree in English Literature (which is a hint as to which hobby was first on the list!).

7) Last but not least. . . I am the sixth child of eight (5 brothers and 2 sisters) which may explain my desire for #3.

My 3 blog picks:

 (And I must not be that original, because none of these are particularly "new". I could list endless blogs I drool over, but most of them you probably already frequent regularly!)

1) Emily, of The Wicker House -- I actually stumbled across her this week and found her fun and inspiring.  Her house is lovely and she is quite creative.  

2) Alice, of Alice W. -- Her blog is fun to read and peppered with delectable pictures.  She also has a couple etsy stores-- all filled with hoards of loveliness.

3) Maria, of Dreamy Whites -- I know, she is really not new and certainly not undiscovered.  She is loved by many, but I couldn't resist because this gal is speaking my language--and I can't help but listen.

1) I live on 2.5 acres but would love to have a big old house on 20 acres.

2) I am an accountant, and antiquing and decorating anything but my own house wasn't even on the radar until this year, but now I notice and adore the vintage decor and antiques in the homes of all my friends and family. My mother is so proud, as she has been an avid antique lover my whole life.  

3) I love being outdoors. . . snow skiing, camping, water skiing, hiking, boating.

4) Despite my love of white I live in a house filled with wood tones and have yet to convince my husband to let me paint it all white.  Stay tuned for updates on that battle. . .

5) Aside from decorating I also love writing--especially essays.  I'm working up to blogging. I have never blogged a day in my life (until today), but Jenni is breaking me in.    

6)  When I am not working or enjoying my own hobbies--so most of the time--I am running my kids around to soccer, baseball, basketball and ballet.  

7) Perhaps my love of white, clean, neat spaces is due to my constant search for calm order in my wonderful, chaotic life.  

My 3 Blog Picks:

(Since I am relatively new to the blogging world in general all blogs are new to me, but I tried to pick blogs that are fairly new as well.)

1) Rachel, of French Farmhouse 425 - I love her farmhouse style!

2) Marissa, of Kuntucky Girl - This girl is filled with crafty ideas.

3) Karen, of My Desert Cottage - She actually has quite a following, but with good reason!



Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors said...

Woops, sorry Lisa! I only called out Jenni in the award. So embarrassing... I knew you were there too, I don't know why I forgot. I love how you split this up. Great to know more about you two!

Anonymous said...

I am honored to be awarded such a gift! Congrats to you as well! ;)

Anonymous said...

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