Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crisp. Clean. Christmas.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We seem to have a one track mind around here. . . Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!  We will soon get back to furniture make-overs and tutorials (We scored three adorable chairs are the Goodwill the other day that will soon be undergoing a make-over), but today I thought I would share a little more holiday festiveness going on around my house.

For starters, I finally got the flowers in my ironstone pitchers as was originally planned.

They add to the effect of the paperwhites--which I plant every year since I saw a house in House Beautiful years ago that incorporated paperwhites into its Christmas decor.

And they are now starting to bloom.

Every year I try to find a way to display my Christmas cards.  And since so many people now do flat picture cards, I can't stand them on my coffee table and living room shelves like I used to.  So this year I tried a variation of the giving tree I made for Thanksgiving.

Only I hung snowball ornaments and clipped the cards on with clothes pins.

Mine is a little large and unruly.  This wouldn't be such a big deal, except since my family room is devoid of furniture, we moved our living room furniture into our family room until we manage to agree on what to purchase.

This would be fine in the living room, but watching TV through branches isn't a big hit around here.

But luckily, I like it without the tree too. (I found a space for it on a side table in the living room).

What I love about this softer, whiter style, is how well it goes with the rest of the space. . .

I've been Christmas decorating in increments this year.  I have the living room mostly done (though devoid of furniture) but with added touches of red and blue (which I didn't think I would like together--hence the lack of red in the family room), but I bought some wrapping paper with blue and red and white that I love, so we're going with it.  I'll post pictures of that room later.

For now I will enjoy my serene family room/kitchen. . . until it gets bombed again by the kids, in like an hour.

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AttemptingAloha said...

What a beautiful home! How in the world do you keep white chairs in your dining room with kids? We have white/cream chairs, and they're currently a disaster. I'm working on some slip covers, but I keep putting it off until I "have more time". Ha!

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka,

Jenni said...

Charlie- Here is the honest truth: I have had those chairs a month or so (the dog destroyed my last table and chairs) and they are meant to have covers. I actually bought fabric over a year ago to make covers for the departed chairs, but only ever made one. SOoo, I intend to make covers with that fabric. . . when I get time :) Of course the fabric is totally impractical pale blue linen, but it's gorgeous!

Brandi said...

More Gorgeousness! Oh how I envy you! : )

Sarah said...

Wow! Simply beautiful!! This is really inspiring, I love all the white flowers! Now I'm wondering if I should change what I was going to do for the centerpieces for our holiday party?! You have an amazing home:)

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Your home and blog are just stunning! I'm visiting from Mary's blog,I'm so glad she introduced me to you, everything is fabulous!
Take care

Unknown said...

Wow. I am also visiting from Mary's blog. I don't even know where to begin. I would like to just come and sit down in your living room. It is all so gorgeous and inviting. Where are your dining chairs from?? The covers? So lovely.

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

May I ask where you got your chandalier above your dining room table, along with the light above your kitchen sink? They are the exact style I'm going for in my first home!


Anonymous said...

hi jenni! i just found your blog through urban farmgirl and i love it! i love your idea for the christmas cards! i have the same type of tree just holding some small ornaments, i think i will hang my cards on it too! your home is beautiful! what color is your hand rail on your stairs? i am wanting to redo mine and i love that color but having a hard time deciding! thanks for sharing! i cant wait to look around your blog more!

Amanda said...

helllloooooo lovely. i too am i new follower via "urban farmgirl" and man oh man am i excited to be a "friend" in blogland now. :) your home is beyond beautiful and i want every single part of it in my own home. *hope you don't mind if i go all copycat on a few things. ;)

i have to know!!!... what is the living room wall color??? it looks to be the perfect (off) white??? the sooner i know, the sooner i can convince my husband we need to repaint our living room/entry/staircase/whole house (with twenty foot ceilings). eek! :)

Claudia said...

New to your blog. What a beautiful white home. Love it all white. I live in New England cape house and it gets dark early at this time of year. I love having a white kitchen and great room. It keeps me smiling.
Thank you for sharing. So much inspiration. Would it be alright to add you to my inspirational blog roll?

Simply Bungalow said...

So Beautiful. I love the card tree and all the paperwhites. They are so lovely!

Jessica said...

Oh, oh, oh! Beautiful! Love the planked ceiling...please share how this was done. Is it panelling or tongue in groove? Any details would be appreciated.
I too am a northwesterner and I love your clean, calm style:)

Jill Austin said...

Oooo, LOVE your blog!! AND your living room, dining room, kitchen! I have to ask....what is the paint color?

Thanks for sharing!

Jenni said...

Jill - the paint color was originally chosen from a Home Depot whites pamphlet--I think Behr. But I had it mixed with a local paint store and have since lost the paint chip. I recently tried to get a match for someone and the closest match I found at Depot (which looked pretty darn similar) was called N. B. C White 30GY 76/017 (Glidden paint). I hope that helps.

Lesley said...

I'm a little late to this party, but I'd love to know where you got that beautiful leather tufted ottoman! I've been looking for something just like it!

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